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Could Schenectady get a slice of Hollywood pie? | News

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Could Schenectady get a slice of Hollywood pie?
An artists rendering of what the new studio in Schenectady would look like. -

SCHENECTADY - The city is asking for millions in money to add a touch of Hollywood to the city's skyline.  $15 million, to be exact, to get a California movie and TV production company to build a studio here.

The $15 million for a movie studio is just one of nearly 90 projects that the Capital Region Economic Development Council is asking the state to fund.

The movie studio, of course, is probably the most exotic of these.

The city's got "show business" written all over it.

Remember that big Bradley Cooper movie that was shot in Schenectady?

Remember when a former mayor tried to get the Emmy's to move here? Now what? A movie studio?

“They have production facilities in California, New Mexico, and other parts of the country. They’re really looking to have a presence in the Northeast market,” says Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy.

The mayor says he met several months ago with the president of Pacifica Ventures - the production company that owns the studio in Albuquerque, where the hit series "Breaking Bad" was shot.
On the chances this is actually going to happen: “I am cautiously optimistic,” said the mayor.

The mayor says Pacifica wants a $15 million state grant to build a studio on ten acres of the old Alco Locomotive site along the Mohawk River.

To do that, RPI will have to remove its nuclear reactor from the site. Then, the rest of the parcel off of Nott Street is earmarked for that long talked about residential and commercial harbor project by the Galesi Group. Galesi wants $10.5 million from the state for that.

Now, two more things: the mayor says RPI is fully cooperating in getting rid of the nuclear reactor.

Remember, this movie studio not only has to compete with the 90 or so projects from this area, but also against projects all around the state.


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