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Red Cross assists 3 after fire in Schenectady

Two adults and a 4-year-old child are getting help from the Red Cross after a fire tore through a two family home in Schenectady Friday night.

Officials say they responded to the call around 7:00 Friday night. Everyone in the home on University Place made it out safe by the time fire fighters arrived on scene.

No one was injured. Firefighters had the blaze under control by 9:30pm. They are still investigating a cause. No word on if the home can be salvaged.

Fourth case of area matricide in last year

SARATOGA SPRINGS - The discovery of two bodies, a mother and grown-up son, inside a Saratoga Springs mobile home on Friday, marks the fourth time in just over a year that a Capital Region person is suspected of murdering a parent.

This week, it happened in Saratoga Springs. In July, it happened in Schaghticoke, where Anthony Repp allegedly killed his mother and stepfather inside their home, the same week James Dibble allegedly gunned down his mother in her Ephratah home. And Joshua McWain will spend 19 years in prison for murdering his mother in Wilton in the summer of 2012.

"Even though we can point at several cases, it's not like a daily occurrence," says Dr. Rudy Nydegger, a Schenectady psychologist. "Frequently, the way to think in terms of what precipitates a suicidal action is an extreme and pervasive sense of hopelessness."

Ellis Medicine slowly reaching major goal

A major, years-long undertaking for Ellis Medicine is coming into the homestretch.

Since 2009, Ellis has been working to raise $25 million to upgrade their facilities.

So far, community members have given $21.5 million.

A campaign focusing on individuals directly helped by Ellis, will be used to help collect the last $3.5 million.

To visit the Ellis Medicine website, please click here.

Another man charged in Schenectady movie theater attack

SCHENECTADY - Another young man is now facing charges in the June movie theater attack on a father in Schenectady.

An indictment was unsealed on Monday, charging Roeson Cobb with assault and gang assault.

Two other teens were charged in the case on Friday.

The alleged attack happened June 29 at the Bow Tie cinemas.

Prosecutors say the dad was watching a movie with his daughters when he told a group to quiet down.

After the movie ended, they say the pack of teens jumped the dad, beat him and stole his daughter's cell phone.

Shutdown hurts Capital Region staff and citizens

ALBANY -- Peter Marrella had hoped to remedy a tax problem at the IRS office located in the Federal Building in Albany today.  Instead, he's heading back to Schoharie County and the issue is unresolved.  The IRS, Marrella says, wasn't open.

"I didn't need to spend gas to get here and find out they are closed.  Now I go back home, which is over an hour, and then I have to come back," complains Marrella.

Also today, the mechanic bays were locked at the National Guard complex in Colonie.  At noon, four hundred civilian employees across our area learned they were furloughed.

"Until this is resolved, they are out of work and not being paid," explained Eric Durr, a spokesman for the National Guard.

City Hall clock tower bathed in three colors during October

The Schenectady City Hall clock tower will look a little different this month.

The city says the clock tower will be purple to raise awareness of domestic violence, the East side of the tower will be teal to raise awareness of Spina Bifida prevention, and the south side will be pink for breast cancer awareness.

Government shutdown affects local residents

ALBANY - Just after 9:00 Monday night, Kinderhook Congressman Chris Gibson sounded somewhat encouraged when the House of Representatives passed legislation that would keep the government running through December 15th.

"It wasn't perfect but it was simple, fair, and reasonable compromise that did have nine democratic votes," Gibson said by phone.

Within thirty minutes of that house vote, the senate quickly turned thumbs down.

"I think, in general, people are frustrated with the whole process that's going on in Washington," said local financial planner Lisa Clifford.

Clifford says she's not worried about a government shutdown having a dramatic impact on investments, even if Wall Street has already reacted to Monday's uncertainty and volatility with a down day.